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BYU Ballroom Dance Company

Award Winning Reputation Continues at Blackpool Dance Festival in England
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BDC Touring Company Pre-Tour Showcase

The Touring Company brings you "Rhythm" just before they leave for their North-West states tour.

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BYU Dancesport Championships November 10-11, 2023
BYU Dancesport Championships

We hope to see you dancing at the BYU Dancesport Championships next month in the Wilkinson Center! Get tickets and register for events below.

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World of Dance is Coming Soon!
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Photo by Ryan Campbell

World of Dance showcases the best of BYU Dance featuring performances by the Ballroom Dance Company, Contemporary Dance Theatre, International Folk Dance Ensemble, Living Legends, Theatre Ballet, and the Young Ambassadors.

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Auditions! International Gold Classes during Fall Semester

Click below for more information about auditioning for International Gold technique classes.

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Ballroom Dance Company Auditions! Join one of the BYU Ballroom Dance Performance Ensembles!

  • Auditions are September 7th @ 7:00 pm in 270 RB. Please arrive by 6:50 pm.
  • Students should be prepared to dance syllabus figures in the American style cha cha and American style waltz.
  • Partners will be provided.
  • Attire- ballroom dance shoes, women-nice skirt and top, men- slacks, button up shirt and tie.
  • Fall semester class times will be MWF 2:00 OR 3:00 pm (388R).
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Ballroom Dance Company Show 'Come Alive' on May 20!

The Ballroom Dance Company presents an energetic showcase featuring their new competition medleys. Support these talented student dancers before they embark on an exciting European tour this summer, when they will present these medleys at the Blackpool Dance Festival in England and perform their entire showcase for a VIP engagement in Brussels, Belgium!

May 20th in the Marriott Center, click here for tickets.

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Upcoming Events

*Medals Exam Registration

*Practice Room Schedule


  • 1-2 Embassy Ball
  • 6 Gold Class Auditions
  • 7 Ballroom Dance Company Auditions
  • 14 BDC Opening Social
  • 21-23 World of Dance


  • 4 International Lab
  • 18-20 Touring Company Pre-Tour Show
  • 23-29 Touring Company Tour



  • 4-7 Medals Exams
  • 6 Social Dance Lab
  • 14 BDC Christmas Banquet