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Gold Class Auditions for Fall 2022-Register by August 25th, 2022

August 29, 2022- Auditions for International Gold Classes

  • Attend the audition during the class day/time you hope add.
  • Register Here by August 25, 2022

Gold Latin- Samba

Gold I Latin @ 9:00 am 270 Richards Building- Silver students dance the 285 Samba routine with a partner, Gold I students dance the combo below, solo.

Gold II Latin @ 10:00 am OR 11:00 am 270 Richards Building-see video and step list below.

Gold Bar Latin (class available Fall semester only) @ 10:00 am 2206 Richards Building-see video and step list below.

Gold II and Gold Bar Solo Samba Combination: See videos here- men's and women's.

  • 1-4 Basic
  • 5-8 Whisks
  • 1-4 Stationary Samba Walks
  • 5-8 Bota Fogos
  • 1-8 Box Step
  • 1-4 Whisks
  • 5-8 Circular Voltas to the Left
  • 1-4 Stationary Samba Walks
  • 5-8 Circular Volta to the Right
  • 1-4 Cruzado Walks and Locks
  • 5,6 Cruzado Walks
  • 7,8 Check turn (start over from the basic facing the side)


Ballroom- Foxtrot, all levels dance your previous class routine with a partner.

Gold I Ballroom @ 11:00 am Wilkinson Center Ballroom-Silver students dance the 284 Foxtrot routine.

Gold II Ballroom @ 9:00 am OR 12:00 noon 2206 Richards Building

Gold Bar Ballroom (class available Fall semester only) @ 11:00 am 2206 Richards Building

If you DO NOT have a class foxtrot routine please learn and audition with the following routine:

View video here.

Step List:

  • Feather Step
  • Bounce Fall away with Feather Finish
  • Three Step
  • Natural Weave
  • Change of Direction
  • Feather Step
  • Reverse Turn, Feather Finish
  • Three Step
  • Hover Cross
  • Begin again with Bounce Fall away


Ladies skirts, men shirt and tie, dance shoes.


To avoid overcrowding the studios, PLEASE only attend the audition for the class or classes you are hoping to add.

Questions? Contact Mandi-

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